If your instruments is accidentally dropped by more than a meter (see Figures 1 and 2), the display is not broken and has no aesthetic damage but works intermittently, or will not turn on, etc.; probably the CPU board has come out (despite the three blocks of security).

To check if the card has slipped out of the connector and repair your instrument, follow the instructions below, (and without using any tools but with just hands), replace the card firmly into the CPU connector.

PRIME_DIGITAL_Caduta_strumento_OK PRIME_DIGITAL_Caduta_strumento_KO
Figura 1: Fall of the instrument with the display facing down.
The instrument may continue to function properly
Figura 2: Fall of the instrument with the display facing upwards.
The CPU board could come out of the 3 blocks of safety

Here are the instructions on how to repair the instrument when dropped by more than 1 meter:

A) Turn off the instrument;
B) Remove the ENCODER knob;
C) Remove the instrument from the bag;
D) Remove the 10 screws with a suitable screwdriver (Figure 3) and open the instrument;
E) Remove the BATTERY connector from the motherboard (no tool only with your fingers ) (Figure 4);

PRIME_DIGITAL_Apertura-chiusura_strumento PRIME_DIGITAL_Connettore_batteria_OUT
Figura 3: To open the instrument Figura 4: Removing the battery connector

F) Check the status of CPU card into the connector:

Figure 5 - CORRECT;
Figure 6 - INCORRECT;

Figura 5: CPU card properly inserted into the connector Figura 6: The CPU board, as a result of accidental
fall has come out slightly from the connector

G) Using just your fingers, (with no mechanical tools) insert the CPU board, lightly pushing and verify that the 3 blocks are returned in safety seat, see Figure 7 and 8;

Figura 7: Blocks of security metal CPU board Figura 8: Security Lock Nylon CPU board

H) Reconnect the BATTERY connector to the motherboard (Figure 9);
Tighten the 10 screws (Figure 10) and close the instrument;

PRIME_DIGITAL_Connettore_batteria_IN PRIME_DIGITAL_Apertura-chiusura_strumento
Figura 8: Inserting battery connector Figura 9: Closure of the instrument

Insert the instrument in to the bag;
Place the ENCODER knob;
Turn on the instrument and verify proper operation.

NOTE: If after checking the instrument should present still malfunctions, please fill out (or have completed by your dealer) the form to request an RMA (Return Material Authorization), the authorization will be issued within 2 working days.

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The figures shown in the following "TROUBLE SHOOTING" may vary from model to model without notice.