If the instrument while charging the battery, it emits a burning smell and would not light up, it means that it was powered by a power supply DOES NOT MEET.

The instruments EASY METER PRIME DIGITAL, must be supplied ONLY in DIRECT CURRENT (DC): 12 or 18 volts.

Using power supplies with different characteristics, such as models of OLD ROVER POWER SUPPLAY alternating current (AC) for series PDA, LS, LM, DLM, etc Serie meter

(model TRASF-MKA57, or TRASF-R142-230S, or R127, etc) burns out, the charging circuit of the EASY METER instrument.

NB: In this case the instrument is no longer considered under warranty and will be charged the shipping costs and a contribution of expenditure.

NOTE: To repair the instruments, fill out (or have completed by your dealer) the form to request an RMA (Return Material Authorization), the authorization will be issued within 2 working days.

Or click here if you like go directly to the "Do you have to repair a instrument ?" available in the WEB ROVER (www.roverinstruments.com)